Private Sessions

In my private sessions, we focus on your specific health issues, injuries, limitations, abilities and fitness goals. Private sessions are the best way to create a program that works for your individual needs. For beginners, I will teach you how to develop a safe and enduring movement practice that meets your long-term fitness goals. For seasoned athletes and movement practitioners, my sessions provide the opportunity to take your practice a step further by honing in on areas that are used, underused and misused. Flexible scheduling is available in my home studio or I will travel to you.


Group Classes

From Yoga Tune Up® to vinyasa flow, my group classes offer a range of styles and formats that focus on alignment, balance, posture mechanics, self care and precise instruction. I assess the needs and abilities of the students in my class and offer modifications for students who have injuries or limitations.

In office, corporate wellness classes are also available!


Yoga Therapy C-IAYT®

Benefits of this service may help you delay musculoskeletal surgery and injury through  movement.  Learn to treat pain and discomfort related to stiffness and arthritis or other degenerative but typical aging.  Become a better mover through self care, strength training, and restorative yoga.

  • body blindspots

  • balance training for fall prevention

  • frozen shoulder recovery

  • rising from a chair or the floor

  • posture tune up

  • foot care and ankle training

  • breathing and relaxation to treat symptoms of stress and anxiety

  • breast, chest, and tummy surgery pre/post surgery care

Breast Surgery Care

Women undergo breast surgery for a variety of reasons: biopsy, mastectomy (cancer, BRCA gene), breast augmentation (lift, reduction, implants, tummy tuck) and gender reassignment. Physicians and office staff assist with post-surgical care and recovery of the surgical site, but not the surrounding areas that are also affected: the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, arms, ribs, and core. As a certified yoga therapist, self-care specialist and someone who has undergone elective breast surgery, I understand both the emotional and physical stresses related to breast surgery.

With my breast-surgery-care program, the whole body is addressed. Through this holistic approach, your mind will be calmed, your body will be strengthened and your spirit will be rejuvenated. Using breath work, corrective exercises and therapeutic massage, I will help you prepare for and recover from surgery— enabling you to resume daily activities with a renewed sense of confidence.


Immediate benefits pre-surgery:

  • enables you to breathe deep, calming breaths

  • reduces anxiety

  • untethers neck and back muscles

  • improves posture

  • relieves tension in shoulders and lower back

  • allows neck and jaw muscles to relax

  • provides physical and emotional support before surgery

Immediate benefits post surgery: (the benefits above, plus)

  • alleviates stiffness

  • teaches you comfortable sitting and resting positions

  • decreases the need for pain medication

  • shortens your recovery time

  • provides physical and emotional support after surgery

3 to 6 months post surgery benefits:

  • restores range of motion in arms and shoulders

  • addresses internal and external scar tissue

  • teaches core strengthening for healthy posture

  • assists with the onset of deeply restful sleep

  • develops confidence in one’s new self-image

  • provides physical and emotional support