In-Corporate with Holli Wellness

  • Technology Tune Up for necks,
    shoulders and carpal tunnel.

  • Hips & Low Back decompression
    for those that sit.

  • Feet, Calves & Ankles repair,
    renew and revive.

  • Focus & Breathing Reset



“Holli Rabishaw is a master of wellness. Her conscientious regard for individual differences, despite the class size, is both consistent and comforting. Undaunted by my severe scoliosis, Holli modifies her directions enabling me to participate safely and comfortably. I have witnessed Holli meeting the needs of others over and over again. Her presentation, laced with wisdom and humor, targets the mind/body dichotomy. This convincing approach encourages her students to personalize class lessons and integrate them into their life outside the studio. I often remark that rejuvenating classes with Holli are the best medicine.”

— Carol K.
Yoga Works Student

“Your class yesterday in Pasadena was one of the best I’ve ever attended. I felt so good when I left that I can’t stop thinking about it. Your knowledge was compelling and your style and personality were attractive on so many levels…I can’t wait to see you again.”

Cliff C.
YogaWorks Student

“My left hip and lower back feel so much better after yesterday’s class...lower leg roll against the wall is a game changer!!! I would never think to roll that area for my hip and back. You’re right—everything is connected. Thank you, Holli!”

—Marion H.
YogaWorks Student

“We end our workshop feeling more at peace, stretched out, and with a renewed source of energy. I can’t recommend Holli enough for team building, stress reduction, and the overall happiness of your staff!”

—Andrea R.
Corporate Wellness Client

“I love Holli’s classes! Whether she is teaching a yoga class or a Yoga Tune Up class, I always come out feeling better, mentally and physically. She has amazing positive energy and is so knowledgeable about the body. I learn something every time I come to her classes. She is the BEST!”

—Stacey P.
YogaWorks Student



Holli Rabishaw is a C-IAYT yoga therapist, Yoga Tune Up® teacher and Roll Model® Method teacher/trainer specializing in Fitness Therapy for Everyday Living®.